What is it?

aa2map (ASCII art 2 map) is a procedural map generator that parses ASCII Art and heightmaps into a Quake III: Arena (id Tech 3) map file

Everyone who can operate a keyboard will be able to create custom maps for id Tech 3 based games with this

The motivation behind aa2map is that reverse engineering 3D file formats and writing a program in C that generates all geometry was much easier (for me) than understanding the proprietary knowledge behind 3D modeling software

It (still) fails at generating maps for fast-paced shooters which need a lot of fine-tuning according to the game physics and which basically need to be designed by a human who is an artist and has a very good understanding of the gameplay

aa2map succeeds at generating maps with random structures, obstacles and defilades which work just fine for tactical shooters


Source: aa2map-0.7.9-src.zip
Linux binary: aa2map-0.7.9-linux.tar.gz

Example Map: aa2map-0.7.9-example-pk3.zip

Current version: 0.7.9

How does it work?

In this example 'L' is a segment of the landscape generated from a heightmap
Multiple ASCII files will be stacked like storeys


Maps, entities, objects, and spawn points can be edited using ASCII art and heightmaps

All kinds of image formats for heightmaps are supported (using SDL_Image)

Maps can be mirrored, flipped, and compiled and completely packaged with all required textures and shaders

Generates also run maps (Defrag), strafe pad maps (Defrag), mazes, landscapes

Shaders are generated automatically and make it easier to replace textures or effects

Can be completely scripted and automated - No Desktop enviroment required

Generated maps can be imported by other level design programs for further editing and merging

Future plans

Support for more game engines